Let me just begin by saying I've struggled with gaining weight my whole my life so believe me when I say I understand how hard it can get to gain weight, For a while, I couldn't pass 110 lbs for a while  and was often discouraged until I began to do research on apetamin and how exactly it works. I'm now 125 lbs and I want to share with you all how I got here. 


TIP #1: Make sure you're eating and by that I mean FULL meals. These pills will indeed stimulate your appetite & in order to see progress your daily intake needs to be on point. I personally don't count my calories but you can. I eat a lot of foods that high in carbs such as oatmeal, pasta, potatoes, rice, bread etc.


TIP #2: If you aren't a big eater, you can drink protein shakes or even ensure plus to get those calories in. Some protein powders I recommend are Serious Mass (1250 calories) or GNC's pro performance weight gainer (700 calories) I've used both and they work well. I usually add fresh fruit to it such as bananas or strawberries along with peanut butter. If I don't eat breakfast I start the day off with an Ensure Plus (350 calories) which is packed with proteins and vitamins.


TIP #3: As you eat, you gain & I'm sure you'd want the weight to go to the right places. If you can work out while on these pills I 10/10 recommend doing so just so your weight can distribute evenly. You don't need to get a gym membership or anything; at home workouts work just fine. If you're interested in a workout routine, email me & I'll make one to target your needs